Wor(l)d Global Group
this is an international public corporation that is part of Wor(l)d Assurance Group, consisting of 12 companies around the world.

Open for cooperation and working in the field of advanced mobile and The innovative technologies of Internet advertising, communications, mass communications, finance, and alternative energy sources.

The corporation consists of Wor(l)d Global Network (Wor(l)d GN), Wor(l)d Global Mobile Network (Wor(l)d GMN), Wor(l)d Global Energy Network (Wor (l ) d NRG), Wor(l)d Global Money (Wor(l)d GM), Power Clouds, CellAd, Wor(l)d Global Cards, Wor(l)d for People.

Key brands and products: AdKoin, Magic Phone, Power Clouds, Soft Sim, Glasses Space Lumina, Alice, Space System (Space Work, VoIP, Space Meet, Space Clouds , Space Media, Space Works, Space Postcard).

WOR(L)D GLOBAL GROUP produces goods and is engaged in scientific and technical developments, it deals with areas which are among the ten most promising innovative businesses.

This sphere of activity in which the world is investing billions, far more than the real economy!

The main direction - is Alternative Energy (Power Clouds). For this project, the company received 1st place in 2014.

Construction of solar plants worldwide. Already built station in Romania.

Who ends the construction of plants in Japan. In October 2015 will be the presentation of their discovery.

Advertise into smartphones AdKoin

No need to explain that in the last decade, the advertising business has grown a hundred times with the development of the Internet, leaving businesses in cyberspace: portals came, websites, online stores, and all of this is built on advertising.


This ultra-thin smart phones, minitaby, spice computers, glasses - the computer, mobile technology:


Our company is the operator of cellular communication and unlimited Internet in the United States. Video and (VoIP) communications. And another area, it has its own payment system Wor(l)d Global Money.

Our company has signed an agreement with MasterCard and Visa to issue their own cards.

Two companies of our holding, Wor(l)d MEDIA & TECHOLOGY CORP and POWER CLOUDS and issuers of securities backed by their assets, have been audited, the admission and listing of the bank, whose shares are traded on the OTC New York Stock Exchange. Shares of the company publishes OTC Markets, NASDAQ, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance.

Our Foundation Wor(l)d for People signed an agreement on strategic cooperation with the United Nations.

Corporation enables anyone on the planet to participate in the implementation of their innovative ideas and capitalize on several generations to come. Some facts about the corporation Wor(l)d:

  • More than 650,000 partners for 3 years.
  • More than 200 people in the world have become millionaires thanks to the company.
  • Several tens of thousands of people have significantly improved its financial situation.
  • The company's turnover for 2012 of $ 9 million
  • The company's turnover for the year 2013-2014 more than 100 million dollars
  • The Corporation is building the world's first network of private solar plants
  • Wor(l)d has developed and launched the world's first mobile application that pays its users for viewing ads.
  • Wor(l)d, the world's first direct sales company manufactures high-tech gadgets.
  • Unlimited tariff from the company, it is the cheapest currently unlimited connection in the world !!!
  • Project Power Clouds is the winner of the international competition Solar Awards 2014, 2015
  • The six partners of the company are in the top 200 of the world's richest networkers.

Wor(l)d change the lives of millions of people, the largest in the history of promoting environmental projects and provides the opportunity to be involved in the mobile and the energy revolution.

Start your own business with the corporation NOW! Change itself and change the world for the better Wor(l)d Global Group!