Michael Loyman


Michael Loyman

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen!

My name is MichaelLoyman. I am a business consultant of the World Global Network in Israel.

I am 59 years old. I am married and we have three children, I live in Israel for a quarter-century, my family – my sense and my life, and I believe our country is the best in the world.

I am happy that I can share my possibilities with you. You can read everything about the Wor(l)d Global Network on this site.

It fortuned thatin Israel came an American multinational company (a corporation or a holding company).

Its stock items are listed at the major US stock exchange. This company has a very high trust rating in the world.

It works in the most prospective sectors of economic activity,and it gave an opportunity to progress together with it and earn money,where earlier earned only banks, investment foundations and big companies.

I was born free so I had no choice I became an entrepreneur.

It is not like I showed a strong dislike forsuperiors, I just cannot get on board with a job, even in a good rank if I do not work for myself.

In addition, I have realized long ago that in Israel I cannot make money at a classic small or medium business.

I started in a cooperative movement and,though I did not got fabulously rich as all who was not born in the families of ministers or first secretaries of USSR, I earned the right money and studied, studied, studied.

In Israel, I have seen enough of all.

It is hard to find good workers. It is hard to find fair partners.

It is almost impossible to find a market niche, because we know nothing about the attractiveness of a business or a business activity. And they do not take strangers to rich places, these places descend for decennaries.

Staying in one place for 24 years, I see how every 1-3 years a regular business closes.You do not have time to get used to your neighbors, some of them went out of business, the others are broken.

There are many reasons why I chose theWor(l)d Global Network, but the main are: an economic freedom and an opportunity to help others to solve their problems.

My time came, I had a chance, and I did not miss it.

I did not convince. We are adults. Some work for an employer, others open businesses, still others go to a social partnership, if such programs exist and if people are called there.

I call to come with me in my team.

Perseverance, self-confidence, communication skills and desire to help them will change your life, you will do it all!

Inviting people to the company and my team, I am responsible for them, because they trusted me and followed me!

We do not sell! We RECOMMEND how to improve your life!

Start changing the World and yourself with the Wor(l)d GN. Take the first step to changes and financial independence!

The choice is yours.

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