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Official Register WOR(l)D Global Network is a public company with headquarters in London and preparing to enter the London Royal Exchange in Great Britain. WOR (l) D Global Network is present in more than 100 countries around the world, thanks to thousands of our distributors, distributing our products and services.   We are active in the most dynamic sectors of the global economy! Direct sales;

  • Innovative technologies;
  • Mobile advertising and technology;
  • Video and VoIP communications;
  • Renewable Energy.

Wor (l) d Global Network (Wor (l) d GN) Vacuum Wor (l) d Global Group together with companies:

Wor (l) d Global Mobile Network (Wor (l) d GMN), Wor (l ) d an ENERGY (Wor (l) d NRG), Power Clouds, CellAd, Wor (l) d Global Money (Wor (l) d GM), Wor (l) d Global Cards, Wor (l) d for People.

Key brands and products: Space Station mCell 5G, Space Phone mCell 5G, Space Computer Lumina Glasses mCell 5G, Power Clouds, Soft Sim, Space Work, Magic Phone.

The Corporation has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, giving them the opportunity to earn the richest markets.

Wor (l) d is engaged in areas such as international VoIP communications, production of the latest gadgets, mobile advertising and implementing a project to build the world's first network of private solar plants.

The Corporation does not just work on the most profitable markets. It allows any person in the world to participate in the implementation of their innovative ideas and capitalize on several generations to come.

Wor (l) d Global Group, is a multinational holding, part of Wor (l) d Assurance Group, consisting of 12 companies stationed at vsesmu world.

Parent company holding Wor (l) d Assurance Group

Companies Wor (l) d Global Network

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