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image21875972_b77e4e2f8659657d6d7a4c98e9c2f644 OFFICIAL REGISTRY COMPANY: WORLD GLOBAL NETWORK PLC

ACTION Power Clouds Inc. (PWCL) and Wor (l) d Media & Technology Corp (WRMT) are traded on the NASDAQ, which satisfy the requirements of the shares and the issuer, and OTC Markets (OTC Markets Group). Press releases are published on the online auction company, Bloomberg Business page Power Clouds Inc. The course of trading in real time on Bloomberg Business:

For your information: NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc. - American company, the owner of NASDAQ and 8 more European exchanges in the Baltic region. The company's headquarters is located in New York, USA.

NASDAQ (abbr. From English. National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation, read as "NASDAQ" - Automated quotes National Association of Securities Dealers) - American Stock Exchange. One of the three major US stock exchanges (along with NYSE and AMEX), is a division of NASD, controlled by SEC. Owner Exchange - American company NASDAQ OMX Group. In the quotation of shares of our companies you can watch on

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