The business

The business of the company. These are updated worlds. But first of all, it is its management and its founder:

Meet the top managers of the company.

The successful managers:

Fabio Galdi, Alfonso Galdi, Alfonso Cioffi, ValterPrezutti, Antonio De Rosa, Roberto Forlani, Alessandro Senatore, Jean Paul Salman, Sean McVeigh.

The list of the companies:

Wor(l)d Global Network (Wor(l)d GN), Wor(l)d Global Mobile Network (Wor(l)d GMN), Wor(l)d Global Energy Network (Wor(l)d NRG), Wor(l)d Global Money (Wor(l)d GM), Power Clouds, CellAd, Wor(l)d Global Cards, Wor(l)d for People.

If u will not be on the edge of doing it Today, Tomorrow will be such as Yesterday!

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