The history of the company


A year of birth: Wor(l)d Global Network 2011.

For such a small period of time, we have achieved such results, which other companies obtain for 10 - 15 years!

We became one of the 100 most technologically advanced companies in the world!

We became mobile operators in the US and in Russia!

We are the first company that has announced 0% for the emissions that contaminate the environment!

We were the first who developed the signal and the devices that receive the mCell 5G signal!

We have already paid more than 100 million dollars of rewards to company’s partners!

We are awarded the grand prize the Solar Awards 2014 for the "Power Clouds" project!

We are awarded the grand prize the Solar Awards 2015 for the "0% for the emissions" project!

We took the 4th place among the tens of thousands of network companies as the most Impulse, rapidly growing and promising.

We entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with the UN.

Our Charity Foundation "World for people" helps children (build schools, sports complexes etc.).

Do you want to change your life and help the others!?

Then, JOIN US! And right now start your movement to the changes jointly with our team!

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