Wor(l)d first participates in the most important technology fair in the world – CES Las Vegas


This year started out right for World Technology Corp with its first-time attendance at CES in Las Vegas, the most important technology fair in the world.

World Technology Corp took the chance to unveil to the public its entire lineup for 2018, and its astonishing unveilings shocked the attendees.

Helo LX was one of the stars of the booth with its recognizable shape.

During the last year and a half, Helo LX has been one of the keystones of wearable technology, monitoring your most important bio parameters 24/7. Developed with AI and Machine Learning technologies, Helo LX has opened a new frontier with its Open API platform, where thousands of developers have started to create independent apps.

If this sounds amazing to you, Helo LX+, the newest member of the Helo family, will blow your mind. Based on the success of LX, the new Helo LX+ raises the bar of the wearable technology. With new finishings and careful attention to detail, Helo LX+ comes with a new set of clinical-grade sensors that mean a better accuracy and a deeper analysis of your raw data.

A new UV sensor has also been added, and the complete sets offer also to the developers a new way to build applications never imagined before, thanks to the Open API 2.0.

The 24/7-monitoring, real-time device now has a new flagship.

Another exciting unveiling was that of the non-invasive Sugar Trend measurement. World Technology Corp unveiled the principle that drives the sophisticated algorithm through a live demo. At our booth, a “blackbox” built by our physicians and engineers showed how basic the principles of this otherwise revolutionary technology are, offering a new perspective for the upcoming devices of the Helo family.

Helo Extense will be the first device to have these benefits.

Combined with Helo LX or LX+, Helo Extense will be the first, real, non-invasive Sugar Trend measurement device (with three levels of trend on the LX and nine levels of trend on LX+).

Helo Extense takes the form of a common oximeter for your finger, but it is stylish and cool, just like all the Helo devices. Extense is easy to pair with your Helo, and it offers a combination of measurements using both the sensors on your wrist and on your finger. Its perfect marriage with the Helo LX+ offers nine levels of measurement for the Sugar Trend, making it a real game-changer into the industry.

All of this technology reaches its most impressive in the Helo LX Pro, the first World Technology Corp device created to obtain the medical device license.

Helo LX Pro combines the life-sensing technology of the LX, LX+, and Extense in one device. With LX Pro, you don’t need Extense to get this revolutionary measurement: all you have to do is wear it and get your peace of mind.

At the World Technology Corp booth, there was also a machine to demonstrate how the new Transdermal Alcohol Sensor works. Hosted by the Helo 2 that will be released in 2019, this sensor will be another amazing revolution for wearable technology, electing World Technology Corp as leader of this market.

All the attendees also checked the amazing numbers of our Big Data monitor that showed, in real time, all the numbers and parameters collected by Helo devices all around the world.

(World Technology Corp also celebrated the important news of BioZen’s official certification as a Medical Device Class

1. This announcement came a few days before the show, another signal that World Technology Corp is changing the market).

With 10,000 attendees in four days, the booth number 48351 of CES was one of the most interesting in the wearable area. It developed a clear path for next year when World Technology Corp will bring its newest vision for the wearable and personal device area.

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