WOR(l)D Presents the New Helo LX+

Helo LX, launched one and a half years ago, represents a huge success in the market. To mark this milestone, WOR(l)D Technology Corp reinforces the investments on Helo platform, remarking that Helo LX is the pivot of the whole lineup.

Helo LX will be the main access to life-sensing technologies, thanks to its high-level technology and its range of service offered through a complete and detailed reading of PPG. Sophisticated algorithms developed with Machine Learning Technology and addressed by the Artificial Intelligence make Helo LX the perfect device to learn about yourself every day and constantly improve your wellness.

With the introduction of Open API protocol, any developer can access the device and develop a new app for any purpose. The Helo Developers Portal is already receiving requests for developing apps with new features and new measurements.
With renovated services and even more measurements, HELO LX will be part of the lineup for 2018.

Besides the powerful LX, WOR(l)D Technology Corp will release the next step of life-sensing technology sensors to open a wide the range of applications and measurements for users and developers: Helo LX+

Following a design philosophy of simplicity and minimalism, Helo LX+ is the last son in the Helo LX family. Thanks to the introduction of a new set of clinical grade sensors (green, red LED, NIR and UV), the potential of the Helo LX+ is huge. This set raises the bar of the life-sensing technology and, together with Helo LX, make this lineup one of the most affordable, technologically advanced ones.

Its high scanning frequency allows Helo LX+ to catch a very high-quality PPG, improving the quality and accuracy of the measurements.
Open API 2.0 reaches another level with LX+ because the developers can have access to the full range of sensors to develop their applications.
Helo LX+ will join Helo LX into the WCOR Lineup and will be officially showcased during the CES 2018. It will be ready for the market on January 27, 2018.

As a clear demonstration of WOR(l)D Technology Corp’s intention to bring products to another level, Helo LX+ will be a solid base to develop the company’s first medically-approved device, Helo LX PRO.

Using the experience accumulated during these years, WOR(l)D Technology Corp decided to submit the filing about Helo LX PRO and obtain the 510K FDA license.

Since the procedure to obtain the certification is not always well-defined in terms of timing, there are no indications about the selling date of Helo LX PRO.

Are you ready to be part of WOR(l)D history?


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