HELO is changing the world!

How has having a HELO changed your life? We are creating a stunning new website and we need your story!

HELO’s innovative technology, along with the benefits of Germanium, are helping improve and change lives all over the world. We know it because we’ve heard countless experiences and stories, and now we need yours.

Want to share your story with thousands of people all around the world on our new website? Simply create a brief video, no longer than 30 seconds, explaining how HELO has changed and improved your life. We will share your video on our website and social channels, enabling your testimonial to be heard and seen by thousands and thousands of people.

Have you experienced a medical issue that has disappeared? Have your health issues improved? Is your blood pressure or heart rate gotten better? It’s time to share your stories and help improve other people’s lives.

Simply use your smartphone or camera and shoot a video testimonial in landscape mode. Remember, your video should not be longer than 30 seconds. At the end of your video, be sure to say “I’m NAME LASTNAME and I’m a World changer!”

Then send us your video, either at our Facebook page or by emailing it to contest@worldgn.com. Be sure to specify your name, nickname, and country. That’s it! We can’t wait to hear your stories!


Не забудьте указать свое имя, псевдоним, и страну. Это оно! Мы не можем дождаться, чтобы услышать ваши истории!

About the Author

Michael Loyman
Я родился свободным, поэтому выбора, чем зарабатывать на жизнь, у меня не было, стал предпринимателем. Не то, чтобы я не терпел начальства, я просто не могу воспринимать работу, даже в хорошей должности и при хорошую зарплату, если не работаю на себя и не занимаюсь любимым делом.